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As a husband and wife team, we have been photographing and filming special events in Southern California for over ten years. Our approach to what we do is simple - it's all about anticipating the moment and being prepared to either get it on film or photographing it.

The moment can be a kiss, a hug, a tear or a smile from the groom as he watches his future wife walking down the isle. The ability to be prepared for these moments can only come from experience and that's something we are able to provide for each of our clients.

We are laid back, relaxed and we love to get to know our clients. We love what we do and we sometimes can't believe we get to do this full time. We are constantly pinching ourselves :) Along with our job, we feel trully blessed at having three wonderful kids whom we love to spend time with.

For your event we will personally review your wishes together so that the photographs and/or film you get from us is a reflection of what you envisioned. Remember, at the end of the day, when all the guests and food is gone and the last person has left the dance floor - the only thing you will have left to remember your special day are the photos and your film.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing the details of your special event!

Contact us for more info. You can also reach us at 626-768-3459.


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